Pastel pink nails / Valentines Day ideas

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hi, guys:)
Today I want to show you my cute pink nails that you can easily recreate on a daily basis or for upcoming Valentine's Day:)
Idea of this sparkling nails came to me after my search of sequined top. I just feel that I need it in my life. I still don't have it, but I do have these cute nails:)
So, its super easy: two coats of pastel pink nail polish+two coats of sequined nail polish on the upper half of your nails + one coat of finish = DONE:)

 xx Jane

ps Try to find the nail polish with a mix of sequins:)


  1. Pretty nails!


  2. Loved it! They look so cute x

    Fabi |

  3. Such a gorgeous nail art idea, perfect for Valentines day!

    Serene xoxo

  4. So perfect for this time of the year ! I love the baby pink colour!