Blue and tangerine

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Looking at my profile on Lookbook I've noticed that somehow my closet is full of white, grey, blue and black clothes...That had to be changed for sure. Do you have something like that? or you have different colors in your wardrobe?
I'm waiting for so beautiful dress from's already in Ukraine, so in couple of days I will get it hopefully. And, what's even more exciting they have already posted  autumn collection of clothes and accessories in mustard, oxblood, teal and pastels (blue and pink)... New season, new colors, new weather - awww inspiration is in the air.

Today's outfit is blue again lol but the background is tangerine and it's perfect mix of colors yumms

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The necklace that I'm wearing is actually a prototype to necklace collection I'm currently working on. Just a sneeak peek:)
Let me know if you like this statement necklace;-)

Outfit credit:
Sandals - Michael Kors here
Destroyed jeans - Aeropostale here
Stripped blouse - Forever21 (similar here)
Best necklace ever - so proud of myself :-P
Clutch similar here

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Back to school vibes

Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to school hah crazy me? no! yes, it's middle of July, so what?

Basicly, I feel myself right now just like in the first day of universuty. I still remember that excitement that I had in my heart as I've met so many people during those years, some of them are not in my life anymore, others are still with me. I've met my husband during that time...and learned so many useless stuff lol

I've started this blog as my style diary and opened absolutely different world to myself. Just like entering university or high school... Girls that I've found or who found me (mostly on instagram) during these days - they are so amazing, each of them is so special and unique with her own sense of style and self-expression. Thank you, girls, you've inspired me to put together this back-to-school outfit which we shoot near my university! I'm sure we'd have a great time together in fashion school, for example, in New York ;-) right?

Tell me, what is/was the best clothes for you to wear to school/uni?:)

Outfit credit:
Skirt - vintage lots of alike skirts you can find on Forever21
89 crop top -  Forever21 here
Cream bag - Forever21 here
Aeropostale shades and wedges (sold out) alike glasses alike wedges#1 and #2
Honeycomb print stud earrings - CuteBirdie here
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Mixing prints

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mixing prints (patterns) is really challenging but worth trying thing to be honest. Don't be afraid to experiment, as you know it's better to do something instead of thinking and rethinking your idea.
Actually during the past month I've really changed inside and decided to follow my dreams not just dream about them. If I can do it, so can you:)

My fav prints ever are polka dots, stripes, plaid, florals...I'm not into leopard prind actually, but I'm in love with shoes-slippers with this print, so everything is possible and may be I'll go for it and purchase a pair for myself)

SO for today's outfit I've paired black and white striped crop top and navy blue and white polka dots skirt (my mom sewed it for me, thank you again, my dear btw). And to finish up this look I wear my fav accessories: black Cambridge satchel and Michael Kors sandals (yes, I think that shoes are accessories just like bags) and heart studs from CuteBirdie.

I'd like to ask you what do you think about mixing prints and what prints are your favorite?:)


Outfit credit:
Polka dots skirt - alike here
Crop top - Forever21 here
Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company Classic 11" here
Sandals - Michael Kors here
Heart Studs - CuteBirdie

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minimal and comfy

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I love when I feel myself comfortable. But don't take me wrong. I truly believe that miracles happen when you take your ass out of your comfort zone and start doing things that you have never done before. But even these stressful situations can be "comfortable". And the feeling when you understand that you have actually done something different, when you overcome your fears and inside looser - ohhhh this feeling is absolutely amazing!
I feel myself comfortable when I do things that I love, however this requires time to assure yourself that you are not a sucker(even if you are, tbh we all are at the very beginning...) and this or that thing is actually is what you need.
I'm not looking for people's approval or disapproval. Literally, I don't care. But at the same time I'm so grateful to those who support me, who take time to tell me good luck...
Once you start doing things that are out of your comfort zone on a daily basis you become better and better and there will be a moment when you will tell yourself: finally, right now it is my 100% comfort zone, I need to move on... This is the only way to create yourself, improve your skills. I love the quote: Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself!
So, get out from your box, put on you fav comfy clothes and conquer this world!:)
I'd love to know what you think about feeling yourself comfortable (you can call this confidence)! let's talk!:)


Outfit credit
Denim shorts, sweatshirt, glasses (my hubby's :-D) - Aeropostale here
Sneakers - DC shoes
Heart stud earrings - CuteBirdie here
Satchel - Classic 11" from Cambridge Satchel Company here

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