Blue obsession and boho vibes

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm wearing:
BLOUSE: StFrock // SHADES: ZeroUV // JEANS: Aeropostale (similar/similar) // SHOES: CentrShoes (similar/similar) // BAG: handmade // WATCH: Daniel Wellington

My blue obsession is getting serious! If I see something blue there is 99% chance that I will like it! 
Today's outfit is all about blue details and accents in casual white/denim/black look!
I'm so in love with this embroidered detailing on StFrock blouse, which reminds me of our Ukrainian national shirts called vyshivanka and has some boho vibes. To pair this lovely blouse I'm wearing my one and only jeans (the one I can still fit in :D) and casual slip-ons. 
As for accessories, my best one is my belly, for sure...and my fav ZeroUv shades, classy DW watch and this awesome clutch, which was made for me by one talented girl about 5 years ago:)

Have an amazing week!
xx Jane

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{Beauty} monochrome nails

Friday, May 22, 2015

Earrings: CuteBirdie

Hi girls!
I decided to take a lil break from nail polishes for few weeks, so there was no nail posts. And I really suggest you to do the same at least few times a year. No matter how good your nail polishes are, they still damage your nails. Let your nails breath:)

I can't explain my passion to black and white and polka dots nails. I just play around with these colors and designs and always happy with result:) So here is a new nail inspiration for you, my girls!

Have a great weekend! 
xx Jane

{Outfit} Shirt dress

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm wearing:
DRESS: StFrock // SHADES: ZeroUV // SHOES: MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar) // NECKLACE: CherryPick  // BAG: Mischa // WATCH: Daniel Wellington

Hi loves! Big J is here!)
Belly keeps growing and kicking me! and I keep trying to style it - so everything is fine)
Shirt dress is a really awesome thing to have in your wardrobe. It can be worn as a dress and as a layering piece (like a light duster coat) and as a shirt with leather pants...ohhhh i want leather pants! 
This StFrock Susie shirt dress became one of my to go pieces right now as my bump perfectly fits in it! Trust me it's getting harder and harder lately to find something in my closet to wear :-D
To make this simple dress more chic and a lil edgy, I'm pairing it with my fav sandals from Michael Kors, CherryPick statement necklace, my lovely ZeroUV cat shades  and Mischa bucket bag (use 'JANEKHODOS10' for 10% off)!
PS: I want to share with you some exciting news for a fashion blogger! I'm a part of StFrock Blogger Family! You can find me here in 9th row:-) This means that I can pick some of their items to style in my outfits! So woo-hoo!

Have an amazing week!
xx Jane

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{Outfit} classy mix and match

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm wearing:
SHIRT: Oodji (similar/similar) // BAG: Mischa (similar) // NECKLACE: Happiness Boutique  // SHADES: ZeroUV // JEANS: Aeropostale (similar) // SHOES: CentrShoes (similar/similar) // JACKET: Forever21

Hi loves! 
You have no idea how much I miss my abs...But on the other side I can eat more cakes and lots of fruits whenever I want haha I'm sure you've noticed this from my instagram :-D
As I'm not shopping at all lately I'm mixing and matching clothes that I already have in my closet:)
White blouse, destroyed jeans, leather jacket, slip-ons and bucket bag from Mischa. For accessrories: sparkling necklace and classy shades by ZeroUV
PS: Mischa team (after my first post) contacted me and gave me 10% discount that I can share with you! So if you like Mischa bags just like me use 'JANEKHODOS10' at checkout!
Hope you are having a wonderful and productive week!

xx Jane

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{Outfit} Date night out

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm wearing:
DRESS: Oodji // SHADES: ZeroUV // JACKET: Forever21 // SHOES: MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar) // NECKLACE: Happiness Boutique  // BAG: Cambridge Satchel // WATCH: Daniel Wellington

Hi loves!
I do love my bump so much, but it's getting harder and harder to dress up, to be honest:) I have no idea how I will look like in a month, may be I will be wearing pijamas all day round, who knows!) 
Anyway, while me and my hubs still can, we are trying to spend all our free time together, to go out as much as we can, just to have fun... So I want to share with you one one my fav date night out outfits. I'm wearing my stretchy navy blue dress and pairing it with leather jacket and strappy sandals from MICHAEL Michael Kors to make my look edgy and chic. As for details I've added sparkling necklace from Happiness Boutique and my favorite pair of shades from ZeroUV. Everything I need to take with me perfectly fits in my Cambridge satchel.
xx Jane

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{Beauty} Spin For Perfect Skin Review

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hi loves!
Today I'm doing something a lil bit different on my blog. It's my first beauty post ever:)
I'm not a beauty guru at all. I almost never change my skin care routine and try new products, only those that have already been reviewed by other beauty bloggers:)
Recently I've been contacted by Vanity Planet team to review their Spin for Perfect Skin face brush. I'm very skeptical about such emails, but I've never actually used any electronic devices, so my interest won:)

When I received the package I was pretty excited as I thought there would be only one brush, but there were four! All I had to do is to buy batteries and start testing it!
The first brush (the lighter one) is for everyday use and I really love how it works for me, it pills of rest of my make up, makes skin smooth and soft! I use it once in two days.
The secont brush is an exfoliating one - as I have very sensitive skin I'm not using this one as I don't want to harm my skin. But I think it can be used on my nose to remove the black spots. I still have doubts whether I should use it or no:)
The third one is definitely my favorite! It's a body brush. You already know that I'm pregnant and I take super care of my body. I'm very afraid of stretch marks on my belly and hips, so I use different oils to make my skin more elastic and soft. This body brush is a perfect addition to my everyday  body care routine as it pills off all dead skin parts and I believe that oils work better on polished body.
The fourth brush is actually a pumice stone - as it's time for sandals I use this one to remove dead skin and rough areas from my feet and elbows once a week.

I'm happy with these brushes and added three out of four to my skin care routine. When it comes to beauty products you have to decide yourself what to use and what works better for you. I wasn't paid to make this review, all opinions are my own:) If you want to try these brushes I have a coupon code for you for 70% off (so it's $30.00 instead of $99.99). But its you who decided to try or not to try! Coupon code is 'Jane8Spin' which will never expire. You can use it here - Spin for Perfect Skin.
xx Jane