Those bright shoes

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Today I want to share with you an outfit we shot in Lviv, when we were on vacation there.
We spent the whole day outside, the weather was perfect and so was the city... Those streets are so inspiring and gorgeous and cute, you can easily find location for a photoshoot, that's one of the many other reason why I'd love to move there haha.

I'm wearing a Bartman t-shirt that I've bought at Forever21 and seriously it's S size, and it's huge, but i love it anyways, grey jeans, leather jacket and super bright mustard yellow shoes, cause why not!
I really love to spice up a basic outfit with a bright detail and everyone will notice you! So it's my styling tip for you, build an outfit using your basics and add something bright like a watch, a purse, a beanie...It will definitely work, trust me!

West Ukraine iPhone Diary

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hi, guys! 
 it's been a while since my last post on the blog, sorry for that. 
We were away on vacation and now I'm back to work after so relaxing and inspiring time! 

I just want to share with you some pictures I took on iphone during our trip to the western part of Ukraine that is 24 hours away in the train(it's challenging lol but so worthy). We visited Lviv city, the city that is considered to be the cultural capital of my country, Ukraine. And I have to agree as every single building in the city has its story. 
Lviv is the city of universities, theatres, libraries, chocolate and coffee, yummy sweets and European vibes. It's hard to believe but even people are different, they have another lifestyle in comparison with the city I live in. My city is industrial. Lviv is far from factories and plants. It's full of small cafes and restaurants, fresh flowers everywhere, lots of tourists, positive energy and lovely streets. 
We hadn't had a lot of time to spend there but we definitely want to go back for more! as we are so in love! 
After 24 hours in Lviv we took a train again and spent 2 hours to get to the paradise) 
The place of your destination is called 'Honey Yard' ('Medovyi Dvir'). It's a little resort in the mountains with wooden houses, ecofriendly everything, swimming pool, friendly people and unbelievably fresh air. Everyhting around is so gorgeous that my eyes were shocked every time I was out. 
Pictures can never show the true beauty of the nature that we were enjoying during 7 days:) 

 Tell me how was your summer? what places have you visited and still plan to visit next summer. I'd love to know!