Nails: leopard accent

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hi girls:)

Leopard print is something that I'm always skeptical about. I don't have anything with leopard print...well except for nails at the moment. When styling it you have to be very careful if you don't want to look like crazy cat in the city. The only thing that I'd love to have is leopard slip-ons.
Same with nails. I dont think that all 10 leopard nails look good, but leopard accent - yes please!

I'm using black nail polish and leopard nails stickers, very useful thing when you don't want to paint nails yourself :-)
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Oversized everything

I'm wearing:
SHADES: ZeroUV // SWEATER: Forever21 sold out (similar / similar) // SLIP-ONS: Forever21 // PANTS: unknown // BAG: Forever21(similar)

Oversized knit sweater, oversized pants, big bag, messy hair... Yes, that's how I look like lately. Absolutely comfy and effortlessly chic!
Perfect outfit for a coffee with a good friend!

I'm so happy that I can wear shades already, sun makes me so happy
I think I will share with you all my shades collection someday, I have lots of them :-)
Do you feel spring in the air? I definitely do:)


Style diary by Jane Khodos

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Nails: dark blue and polka dots

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hi girls:)

I've alwayls been loving pretty nails and try to take care of mine as well. I'm not a manicure guru, but I do my best. So I'm going to show you my weekly nails and may be inspire you to recreate or create something yours!

I'm using three nails polishes: deep blue, berry pink and white and nail tool called dotter.
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Details power - Cat Eyes

Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm wearing:
SHADES: ZeroUV // JACKET: Forever21 // SNEAKERS: Forever21 // JEANS: AEROPOSTALE (similar) // TSHIRT: Forever21(similar)

Happy Monday, loves!
Can you imagine that spring is almost here? I feel that this winter is way too long. The most frustrating thing about winter is that it's dark outside around 3-4 pm. Cold and darkness make me depressed...

So I'm extremely happy that very soon I will be able to wear such outfits every single day, not only for blog :-D

My love to denim and leather combo is endless. Plus what can be more classy than white sneakers?:)
And for sure, don't underestimate the power of details: these cat-shades MAKE a basic outfit amazing:) right?

Style diary by Jane Khodos

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Love is in the Air

Thursday, February 12, 2015

 Couple of day are left before St Valentine's Day!  Do you feel love in the air? 

Besicly I don't think that it's the right thing to celebrate LOVE during one day. Every day brings us an opportunity to express our feelings to our beloved ones! 

However, when it comes to V-day I associate it with something pinky, tender and delicate:) 
Today's outfit is all about it:) Heart-shaped shades deffinitely add lots of cuteness into any outfit!:) You have to try it!

Shopping Inspiration: My WishList

Monday, February 9, 2015

It's snowing outside...again...
To be honest I'm so tired of winter and cold and wind and snow...I need sun in my life and warmth and green leaves...
So being bundled up in a cozy sweater I've spent today browsing online shops for something-for-spring and picked up these items. 
This year for me is all about basics!
Actually I've never had a hat like that before and I have no idea if it wil fit my face haha.
So here are links to my current cravings:
1. Fedora hat - Forever21
2. Watch - CluseWatches ps get 15% off with coupon code: khodos15
3. Bunny iPhone case - Forever21 
4. On/Off cup:) actually any attitude cup will work for me - Forever21 
5. Bucket Bag - Forever21 
6. Cord Collar Necklace - Forever21 
7. Striped dress OMG I NEED IT - Forever21 
8. Bright Alarm Clock ;-) - Forever21 
9. Polka dots Sneakers - you can never get enough sneakers  - Forever21 
What are you craving for spring?

xx Jane