Shopping Inspiration: My WishList

Monday, February 9, 2015

It's snowing outside...again...
To be honest I'm so tired of winter and cold and wind and snow...I need sun in my life and warmth and green leaves...
So being bundled up in a cozy sweater I've spent today browsing online shops for something-for-spring and picked up these items. 
This year for me is all about basics!
Actually I've never had a hat like that before and I have no idea if it wil fit my face haha.
So here are links to my current cravings:
1. Fedora hat - Forever21
2. Watch - CluseWatches ps get 15% off with coupon code: khodos15
3. Bunny iPhone case - Forever21 
4. On/Off cup:) actually any attitude cup will work for me - Forever21 
5. Bucket Bag - Forever21 
6. Cord Collar Necklace - Forever21 
7. Striped dress OMG I NEED IT - Forever21 
8. Bright Alarm Clock ;-) - Forever21 
9. Polka dots Sneakers - you can never get enough sneakers  - Forever21 
What are you craving for spring?

xx Jane


  1. Awesome selection


  2. Great wish list, i'm in love with that dress and watch! Just ordered the dress thanks for the recommendation!

    Beth x