the Fourth Of July

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Today my Instagram feed is screaming about Independense Day in United States of America! What I love about this country the most is the feeling that every single person is able to find his/her place there... the only thing you need is to know what you want and work hard on archieving your goals. This country inspires me every single day tbh...

USA is a country of freedom, you can do to whatever you want (legally, of course)... Well, my piece of freedom today was this cropped stripped top.. Seriously, people were starring at me and, at first, I felt myself awkward but then I just realized that I don't really care what they think:-) don't put yourself in a box just 'cause others don't do the same!

And these Michael Kors sandals...oh I have no words to describe how much I love them!:)

Outfit credit:
Cropped stripped top - Forever21 here
Destroyed jeans - Aeropostale here
Cream bag - Forever21 here
Red Heart Studs - Cutebirdie 
Sandals - Michael Kors here